Choosing the destination

New Years eve 2019 was like many other days until I received an email from Qatar Airways telling me their new year deals would soon end.

I checked the offers, and 30 minutes later we had booked our 5 week Japan tour for the summer of 2020. Arrival and departure Tokyo, but the rest yet to be decided.

The new adventure had begun!

Tour details

The route

 We started the tour from Tokyo Narita. 

We biked in a northern direction until we reached Sukugawa, Fukushima. There we turned towards the west, biking along the Inawashiro lake, crossing the mountains to Ago and arriving at the west coast by Niigata.

From Niigata we took the ferry to Sado, crossed the island and took a new ferry back to the mainland, arriving in Joetsu.

From Joetsu we headed back east across the mountains passing Nagano, Ueda, Karuizawa and Takasaki before arriving back in Tokyo 4 weeks after we had departed.


Going on a self supported bike tour with 2 children for 5 weeks require some planning and equipment to increase the success ratio.

We used our 2 Merida crossway bikes, the add-on bike by Roland and a Nordic Cab explorer trailer.

Our tent is a Mountain Hardware Optima 3.5

To save space we used one Exped Synmat Duo which gave enough space for all four when we placed it sideways inside the tent.

For all clothes and other equipment we use our Ortlieb Back Rollers.

Biking with children

When biking with children, the best way to be successful, is to always plan according to the childrens needs and desires.

Forget about kilometers and speed. 

Stopping at different playgrounds, taking rests every hour, enjoying ice cream and other treats on the way is a very good investment for the outcome of the journey.

We also give our boys designated tasks that they need to take care of. This can be to help with assembling the tent poles, rolling the sleeping bags and such things.