Exploring the world

Over the last decades I have been fortunate to experience the world from the seat of my own bicycle.

From the high mountain range of Kashmir to the steppe of Kazakhstan and the rainforest of Cambodia I cannot think of a better place to be than on my own bike.

People, food, cities, roads, lakes, animals and the continuous search for a perfect camping spot for the night makes this kind of travel unrivalled.

I hope my stories and pictures can inspire some of you to go on your own adventure one day.

Always stay curious!

My tours

Some of my tours have lasted for many months, while others have been just a week or a long weekend. It’s not the duration that makes them great, it’s whatever you manage to fill them with!

Oslo – Aqaba

I started on this great adventure from Oslo in August 2010. 4 months, 9000 KM’s and 20 countries later I found myself in Aqaba, Jordan

Washington DC –
New York 2015

Starting from the Capitol hill , this was a ride with Bike for Peace through Baltimore, Philadelphia and Jersey until we reached the United Nations in New York


The only thing we knew for certain, was the time of our flight back from Tokyo in 5 weeks. Until then we were free to go wherever we wanted. 


In February 2020 I enjoyed 4 days of biking on the main island of Mahe. Beautiful beaches surrounded by green forests and steep mountains


In 2011 Kazakhstan celebrated their 20th anniversary, we made a 4 weeks tour through the country to join the celebrations our style.

Atlas Mountains

Flying to Marrakech, driving to Imilchil and then biking back to Marrakech is the recepie for 2 great weeks with mountain biking in beautiful surroundings


In 2016, during the war in east Ukraine, we decided to bike through this beautiful country togehter with participants from Russia and Ukraine!

Yerevan – antalya

The border between Armenia and Turkey is closed, so in order to bike between these countries, I had to add Georgia to my itinerary!

Bangkok – Almaty

With several months of biking through south-east Asia, this was the hottest tours I’ve ever embarked on. It was not without dramatic happenings!


The Khardung-La is one of the worlds highest motorable passes. This was just one of many incredible places I visited during this tour.

Oslo – Vienna

Light weight touring without any camping gear was the goal for this tour. Oslo Vienna in 8 days, through Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic.


Denmark, with its many family parks and hospitality is for many  known as a cyclists paradise. Naturally we chose it for our first full family bicycle holiday.


For many people, Menorca might be assiciated with charter holidays on all inclusive resorts. There is still no reason to leave your bikes behind. 


In the middle of Mexico, 270 km north of Mexico city, lies San Miguel de Allende. In addition to it’s own beauty, it is a perfect starting point for a bicycle holiday. 


A short weekend break to a big city can be so much more than restaurants and shopping. With a bike at hand, you can discover the surroundings as well.


Ethiopia is as diverse in it’s nature as it’s culture, people, food and languages. Explored from the seat of a bicycle you get even closer to all these wonders.