Bicycle Adventurer

Hi. My name is Frank Tomlinson. I like to refer to myself as a bicycle adventurer.

Over the last decades, I have been fortunate to travel to many different corners of the world on my bicycle.

My best advice to anyone who wishes to do the same, is to just go for it; and remember to always stay curious and open minded!


Border crossings are always exciting to me. Some of them you hardly notice, while some of them can take hours and hours, requiring VISA’s and all sorts of documentations and questions asked.

I sometimes use the word “border fever” to describe the feeling inside me when I know there is a border approaching. For some reason it can make me bike longer just to reach the border a day or just a few hours earlier!


I don’t know how many different places I have spent my nights during my bike tours around the world.

Camping, sleeping in temples, schools, hospitals, bus stations, park benches etc. All is possible.


The absolute highlight of bike touring is to me all the different people I meet on my way.


The roads are where all the hard work is done for a bicyclist.

Personally I prefer the remote roads passing through small villages, fields and forests.

On this photo I am on my way from Addis Abeba to the Managash forest in Ethiopia.