Looking for the adventure

I had already been on different bicycle tours in Kashmir and the Atlas mountains, but this time I wanted a different kind of journey.

I wanted to start from my own home, and just bike with no plan or route set up. Just follow the road and feel free to go wherever I wanted to.

After leaving Oslo, I bike through 19 countries before I ended this tour by the Red sea in the city of Aqaba, Joran.

It was truly a great and life-changing adventure!

Tour details

This was a solo trip that I biked in 2010. 

The route

I started biking from Oslo, and my only goal for the first day was to reach Sweden. 

Then I continued through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Frankce, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macadonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria and finally Jordan.

The total duration was 100 day, and during this time I biked roughly 9000KM.


My bicycle was an Everest Attitude. Tent from MSR, and mattress from Exped. 

I brought cooking stove from MSR but didnt use it as much as I had planned. I suppose the cooking experience is more cozy when there are more people traveling together.

For all my luggage and equipment I used my Ortlieb bacck-rollers. I also brought a small 10″ laptop to keep my blog up to date. 

Meeting people

The fondest memory and experience of a tour like this, is for me all the people you meet; both other travellers but mostly the locals from all the different places you visit.

I have been invited for tea, dinner and a place to sleep by so many wonderful people who were strangers but at the same time my only friends.

Many of whom are still my good friends.